There are a huge number of wallets for cryptocurrencies today, there are plenty to choose from, however, in such an abundance you can get lost. One of the most convenient and secure is jaxx wallet . It is a multi-currency wallet that supports over 80 different cryptocurrencies. Plus, it’s cross-platform. The online version of the crypto wallet is available from any device. The interface is user-friendly, it allows you to quickly and easily switch between different currencies stored in it.

Jaxx has a unique feature, an exchange service is integrated into it, which allows users to quickly buy any currency and sell all supported coins inside the wallet. In addition, the wallet conveniently implements the ability to track market data. Users can follow financial news, search for information about transactions on a variety of blockchains. To do this, the wallet has a special block browser.

The wallet has versions for all platforms, both mobile and desktop, in addition, there is an online version, extensions for the Firefox browser, as well as Google Chrome. Works on computers from Apple with Windows, Linux operating systems. The wallet was launched almost eight years ago, during this time it has been updated many times, it has a lot of innovations, new functions, useful additions, and the number of supported cryptocurrencies has also increased.


By default (during the first installation), there is no password for accessing your wallet. It should be installed as soon as the user installed the wallet for himself. It excludes the possibility of using the wallet by strangers. In the future, two-factor authentication will be supported, in addition, support for biometric authentication will be added.

Experts assess the security level of the wallet as average, and recommend storing small amounts of cryptocurrency in it for operational daily use. It is better to store significant amounts in more secure wallets.